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Pterygota Marker Patent

We invite all professional participants in the legal services market to join the public discussion of the text of a patent application.
patent application
Why is it matters?
December 01, 2022

At the moment, we have filed a provisional patent application for the Pterygota Marker. Now we have twelve months to file a patent application. We invite all participants of the patent services market to take part in the discussion of the future patent claim.

As you know, a patent claim is the most important thing in a patent application, for it defines the subject matter that is sought to be protected. The claims must define the matter for which protection is sought in terms of the technical features of the invention. They must be clear and concise and supported by the description.

We provide there a technical description of the patent and we ask all participants in the patent services market to join the discussion of the patent text to prepare the clearest description in patent practice.

Download the text of the provisional application over here: