Educational and training complex Cyber Simulator.

Educational training complex Cyber Simulator.
Educational training complex Cyber Simulator.
The Aething company announces the start of a cyber-simulator training complex for professionals in the fight against cybercrime.
Goals and objectives of the cybersimulator.
The educational and practical Cyber Simulator is designed to improve the skills of law enforcement agencies in ensuring cybersecurity, professionals in the cybersecurity department for combating cybercrime, and to find optimal solutions for combating modern cyber threats for technical employees of the computer forensic and cyber crime departments.

The educational and practical Cyber Simulator
provided solutions:

  • increasing the level of practical training in identifying computer attacks;
  • investigating information security incidents;
  • interaction between departments;
  • introducing preventive measures to prevent computer attacks among students or employees;
  • experts and managers in the field of IT and information security departments;
  • conducting cyber exercises, competitions, and practical training in information security for students, specialists, experts, and managers in the field of IT and information security, including Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions.
Operating modes of the Cyber Simulator
Computer Forensics.
The exercise is a sequence of cyber attacks consisting of several stages; Upon completion of each attack by an attacker, the participant is given time to investigate the cyberattack
Responding to Information Security incidents.
The exercise is a sequence of cyber attacks consisting of several stages; Participants are given limited time before the start of the cyber exercise to study the infrastructure and set up security measures
Participants are given vulnerable infrastructure that participants must investigate and discover vulnerabilities.

The exercise is a competition between teams. Teams attack the infrastructure of defender teams, compromise key infrastructure nodes, examine key processes, and carry out a series of coordinated cyber attacks to interfere with the operation of systems simulated on the Cyber-Simulator, disrupting and/or interfering with simulated technological processes.
OSINT and Phishing
The exercises are a practical training course on collecting information regarding objects of interest, as well as preparing a platform for de-anonymizing attackers.

System components
Educational and practical Cyber Simulator
System Core
Automated assessment of the results of training events and participants’ skills.
Management subsystem
Knowledge base management subsystem.
Training simulator
Module for preparing and managing events. Module of practical training.
Competition subsystem
Main parameters of the mission, a comment on the mission. Uploading accompanying materials to the mission (guidelines, reference materials and other documentation).
Testing subsystem
Uploading the results of the selected event into an external format (*.csv) for further loading of data on points scored during practical classes into an LMS based on Moodle.
Administration subsystem
Multi-level access to user and organization management functions. Scoring module; results display module; scoreboard control module (participant ratings).
At the Customer's request, the system can be used on existing equipment and software tools, or can be equipped with server and telecommunications infrastructure. Systems for testing and training may include such tools as:
 Cryptographic protection tools (CIPF)
 Anti-spam tools
 Security analysis tools
 Information security monitoring tools (SIEM)
 Protection against information leaks
 Application layer firewalls (WAF)Wireless routers
 Snffer Tools
 Penetration testing tools
 Firewall and routing, packet inspection tools
 Mail servers
 Searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated data Security Gateway
 Network security, cloud security, endpoint protection, and various cloud-delivered security.
threat management, load balancing, multi WAN, and more.

At the Client’s request, the training complex can also be supplemented with a training module for the field team and may include training in the use of portable metal detectors, portable X-ray units, and medium-sized robots for examining suspicious objects.

Educational and training
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6 February 2024